GYG Day 62. SLN 4 Deep dive into the grammar of phrasal verbs 2.

Titbitonians! Do you remember ‘to look sb up’ from yesterday’s post? And do you remember what it means? Of course, you do!!!

Did you know that with just ONE more word ‘to’, the above phrasal verb has a whole new meaning? Yep, ‘to look up to sb’ means to respect and admire sb. Here’s an example of the phrasal verb in action: “All young footballers look up to Cristiano Ronaldo”

Today, I want you to add 10 useful phrasal verbs with two adverbials/particles* to your Workplace English Toolkit, which may come in handy in your daily business.

*with the help of ‘English Phrasal Verbs in Use’ (Intermediate). (affiliate link).

“We must catch up with each other sometime” = meet sb you know after not seeing them for a period of time

“I’ve come up against a few problems” = to encounter/deal with a difficult situation

“Her decision will come down to her friend’s advice” = to depend mostly on / be influenced most by

“I really get on (well) with Mike” = to like sb

“I must get on with my work” = to continue doing sth: especially work

“Whatever you say, I’m sure Dave will go along with you.” = to support an idea/agree with sb’s opinion.

“I’m looking forward to visiting Mike next week.” = to feel pleased and excited about sth that is going to happen.

“I hope this will make up for the delay” = to provide sth good in order to make a bad situation better

“I’m not going to put up with such behaviour anymore.” = to accept unpleasant behaviour or situation, even though you don’t like it.

“I hope you will take me up on the offer.” = to accept sth.

I sure hope you’ve picked up a few titbits for your toolkit today and wish you fun trying them out in your conversations – even if they are only “shower conversations.”**

QOTD “Which phrasal verbs do you find most useful?”

** Sid Efromovich introduced the idea of ‘shower conversations’ in his TED talk “5 techniques to speak any language”***(click on this link to watch the vid). In a shower conversation, you play both roles in a conversation (Yes, that means you speak to yourself under the shower!!!) in order to train your newly acquired language.

***follow this link to get the vocab list for the video:

to admire (bewundern), to come in handy (zugutekommen), to encounter sth (auf etw treffen), delay (hier: Verspätung), behaviour (Benehmen), newly (vor kurzum), to acquire language  (Sprache erlernen).

6 Gedanken zu „GYG Day 62. SLN 4 Deep dive into the grammar of phrasal verbs 2.

  1. Jenny Antworten

    All of them are useful! It‘s like „oh, yeah… I should use this more often… oh, and yes, haven‘t used that for a long time… cool, I must remember this one for future conversations…“. Expressions like these separate the wheat from the chaff and turn us from amateurs into real English pros! Thank you!

    Instead of shower conversations I prefer talking to my brother in English! Sometimes we switch the language for training purposes. And that‘s always my moment to shine with all my Teatime Titbits knwoledge. 🙂

    • Dave Preston Autor des BeitragsAntworten

      Hi Jenny, great to hear you’re beating your bro! Wouldn’t it be fairer to at least tell him about your secret weapon and spread the word. Have a great day. Take care. Dave

      • Jenny Antworten

        Don‘t worry, the news about my little secret weapon was spread by word-of-mouth recommendation. I’m a good girl and play with my cards on the table. However, I‘m years ahead… thus the one with a baffled look is and will ever be my brother. 😉

        • Dave Preston Autor des BeitragsAntworten

          Hi Jenny, If you are years ahead, it maybe means you kept it a secret for a long time. Now that is naughty in my book.

          • Jenny

            Just because he knows that your blog exists doesn‘t mean that he drops by. My brother is a lazy bugger. 😉

          • Dave Preston Autor des Beitrags

            „lazy bugger“ sounds like a Teatime Titbit phrase – I correct myself – good girl!!!!!!

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