GYG Day 64. Fun on Friday. Five phrasal verb pairs.

Like phrasal verbs are less formal synonyms of English verbs, e.g. postpone (put off). There are phrasal verbs, which are synonyms of other phrasal verbs.

Oh yes, the phrasal verb fun has just got a whole lot crazier! Never fret, Teatime Titbits, will hold your hand and walk you through a few phrasal verbs, which mean the same OR are very similar in meaning.

Here are five sets of phrasal verbs synonyms:

To pan out / to turn out = “Unfortunately, it didn’t pan out at all as we had planned”.

To boil down to / to come down to = “What it all boils down to is that you don’t want to spend money”.

To show up / to turn up = “What time did you finally show up?”

To wind up / to end up = “We wound up in that grotty bar near the station.”

To drive at / to get at* = “What are you driving at?”

*’to drive at’ is generally more direct, i.e. ‘to mean’ whereas ‘to get at’ is more ‘to suggest.’

Fun on Friday can’t be Fun on Friday without some slangy (bad) language!!! There are three phrasal verbs, which mean ‘to make a mess of sth’. Here goes:  ‘to mess sth up’ / ‘to cock* sth up’ (British English) / ‘to fuck** sth up’.

“Dave, you really messed / cocked / fucked up this time!” and as you discovered yesterday, you can also make them into nouns. “What a mess-up / cock-up / fuck-up!”

to fret (sich sorgen machen), to pan out / to turn out (entwickeln /aufgehen), to boil down to / to come down to (auf etw hinauslaufen), to show up / to turn up (auftauchen), to wind up / to end up (enden in), grotty (versifft), to drive at / to get at (auf etw hinauswollen), whereas (während), to make a mess of sth (etw vermassel) ‘to mess sth up (etw vermasseln), to cock sth up (British English) (bei etw Mist bauen), to fuck sth up (etw versauen), to discover (entdecken)

Do you want some more Fun on Friday phrases to sound more native? Download the PDF book:

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