GYG Day 65. Monday Mail Mastery. SLN 6 Phrasal verbs for your mails.

Phrasal verbs will come in very handy in less formal mail when you know the recipient well. Here are two I prepared earlier! The phrasal verbs are in bold and underlined and their meaning in (brackets).

Subject. Product launch

Hi Marie

Gerry (the CEO of ) just called me to tell me to bring forward the launch (= do earlier than planned). I’ll get on with (= continue) sorting out (= solve a problem/crisis) the logistics headache.

Can you sort out (= plan, organise) the filming arrangements? Is the beginning of next week doable?

Keep me posted.



Subject: Takeover. Urgent

Hi Gayle

Sorry, you got lumbered with dealing with (= manage, address) this delicate matter. Their lawyers will draw up (= produce, write, draft (a document)) a draft contract and get it to you a.s.a.p. (= send, make arrive).

It’s the top priority so, please get onto it right away (= do sth about it) and send on (= forward, inform) your comments to me. Don’t forget to copy Fred in on your mail as well. (= send a copy of an email to a third party)

Thanx, a million.


To come in handy (zugutekommen), recipient (Empfänger), in bold (fettgedruckt), in brackets (in Klammern), subject (betrifft), launch (Produktmarkteinführung), headache (Kopfzerbrechen), to be doable (machbar sein), to keep sb posted (jdn auf dem Laufenden halten), cheers (hier: danke), takeover (Übernahme), to get lumbered with sth/sb (jdm /etw auf dem Hals haben), delicate matter (heikles Thema), draft contract (Vertragsentwurf), right away (sofort)

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