GYG Day 68. SLN 8. An A to Z of phrasal verbs to spice up your presentations.

Nowadays your presentations don’t have to be these formal affairs with high-faluting language, which was guaranteed to put your audience to sleep.

Keep your audience engaged with shit-hot presentation content, slides, and of course, communication skills, which is where your choice of English is key.

In this penultimate ‘Secret Language of natives’ blog post, I’ve put together a list of 27 phrasal verbs to spice up your presentations. Here are my top 5 fave to get you started. Get your free PDF copy of “An A to Z of phrasal verbs to spice up your presentations.”  by clicking on the link.

To bring sth on = “The lack of investment in R&D brought on the loss of …. (etw verursachen)

To expand on sth = “Could you expand on what you said earlier about ….. .” (etw weiter ausführen)

To get down to sth = “I want to get down to the topic of recruiting.” (etw in Angriff nehmen)

To jump into sth = “So without further ado, let’s jump right into the ‘WHY’ … .” (hier: loslegen)

To touch on sth = “I touched on it before, but now it’s high time we examine it more thoroughly.” (etw anschneiden)

The title revealed yet another brilliant phrasal verb ‘spice up’ to spike interest. If you really want to a mouth-opened and wide-eyed audience, use the ‘s’ word S-E-X.

So happy ‘sexing up’ your presentations.

high-faluting (hochgestochen), engaged (hier: interestiert), slide (Folie), key (entscheidend), penultimate (vorletzter), lack of (Mangel an), R&D (Research and Development) (Forschung und Entwicklung), “So without further ado” (ohne langes Federlesen), “it’s high time” (es ist höchste Zeit), to examine sth thoroughly (etw gründlich überprüfen), to reveal, (etw offen zeigen), to spike interest (das Interesse steigern)

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