Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: Fun on Friday. Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, I thought I would dig out the 2015 post about Halloween, which included a link to vid ‘Bet you didn’t know: Halloween.’ https://youtu.be/dHQZErtwA3E

It clues you up (informiert) on the origins & the ‘traditions’ of Halloween? Enjoy.

QOTD What new titbits did you get from the vid?

2 Gedanken zu „Halloween

  1. Jenny Antworten

    Seems like I’m well informed. Besides the soul cake (knew that pastries are prepared to honour the deaths but not their name), there were no new facts. Nevertheless, cool History Channel video – edutainment the way I like it.

    And BTW: In case someone wants to try baking these cakes, here you can find a traditional recipe:


    No guarantee for ideal results and/or that the pastries will taste good! Haven’t tried it myself but the picture seems promising hihi

    • Dave Preston Autor des BeitragsAntworten

      Thanx for the recipe, knowing my past track record in the backing department, I’ll probably give it a miss. You wouldn’t get me in the British TV series „The Great British Bake Off“. If you ever try baking them, tell us all about it.

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