Happy New Year Rant.

Happy New Year (belatedly)! I hope you had a wonderful Xmas and New Year.

It’s that time of year again when the media/advertising machine tell us we should make New Year’s resolutions (Vorsätze). The companies profit by offering would-be (Möchtegern) ex-smokers nicotine patches (Nikotinpflaster), fitness studios promise you the perfect body in a week, dieting supplements (Ergänzungsmittel) want you to become the Biggest Loser 2018 and the education industry tout (etw anpreisen) “sign up to this course now, get a pay rise, get promoted (befördert werden) and take over the boss ‘s chair within 2 weeks“.

We watch how people are lured into (Jdn anlocken) starting processes, programmes and courses at the beginning of the year by special offers, discounts (Nachlässe) and deals which they could actually start at any time of the year. What‘s more, people follow the calls to action as if they were somehow waiting for the new year – “Yeah, new years is a great time to start the diet- gimme (give me) some of your slimming powder“


Language learning on the other hand is a marathon not a sprint! In fact, you never finish learning. I regularly come across ENGLISH words I have never heard of before. That’s why I write Teatime Titbits to help you improve your English, titbits at a time and with only a few minutes of your time a day.


Wherever you read this rant and whether you are a long time Teatime Titbits reader or new to it, I hope I will still see you around in 2019, 2020 and beyond and wish you all the fortitude (innere Kraft) it takes to run the English language marathon.


To steal a Star Wars motto: “May Teatime Titbits be with“. Have a great start to 2018.


P.S. My New Year’s is post in the early afteroon from now on and not some ridiculous time in the morning like in 2017


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