Check out today’s teatime titbit: Heavenly

I’d say a week with only 3 working days followed by a 4 day weekend is at the very least bearable (erträglich) but more like heaven – why can’t every week be like that? It always reminds how grateful I am that I live and work in Germany.

It brought me on to thinking about all the ‘great‘ things Germany has to offer, which countries around the world should at least take a look at, and even take a leaf out of Germany’s book (sich an jdm/etw ein Beispiel nehmen). As always, here are my top 5:

  1. Public holidays. Say no more.
  2. Infrastructure. Some may snigger at (kichern) this one, but in my experience, Germany has built up a pretty impressive infrastructure, which can match (sich mit jdm/etw messen) at least, if not trump (jdn/etw übertrumpfen) any other nation in the world.
  3. The Health Service. Yes, I know we pay for it, but I’ve never had to deal with a waiting list and always experienced top-notch (erstklassig) treatment and care.
  4. “Reinheitsgebot“ (apparently also an English word?! Or German requirement ‘, I used to laugh at my German penfriend when he banged on about (die ganze Zeit über etwas lesen) the purity of German beers and how they take it very seriously – “no added this, no added that, no hangovers (kater)“ he used to say. Although Guiness is like mother milk to me, I would certainly miss my German beers and I’m happy to see that German breweries see their potential abroad.
  5. Finally, on a lighter note (um zu etwas Erfreulicherem überzugehen) – if beer drinking isn’t light enough- the good old Christmas markets. The envy (Neid) of the world it seems and a huge tourist attraction in Germany. Although other countries are starting to follow suit (nachziehen), I’m afraid they are not there yet.

QOTD. What are your top 5 German exports?

P.S. FYI (For your information) the German footy team is sore point with me (wunde Stelle) !!!!!


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