How good is your legal English?

When I deal with texts/topics in lessons, I often ask participants to describe words they know in their own words and the rest we work on together to complete the list.

In a recent session, I wanted to read/discuss the text “French company liable after employee dies during sex on business trip”

So here’s a Tuesday Teaser with a difference, could you give your own English definition of the following words? A couple of easy ones to start with – if unsure look at the vocab list at the bottom.

1. judge 2. court 3. appeals court 4. to rule 5. ruling 6. to be entitled to sth 7. to be liable (for sth) 8. compensation 9. to challenge a decision 10. to defend one’s position 11. to uphold a decision

employee (Arbeitnehmer), employer, (Arbeitgeber), judge (Richter), guest (Gast), stranger (Fremder), court (Gericht), appeals court (Berufungsgericht), health insurance provider (Krankenversicherung), to rule (entscheiden), ruling (Entscheidungspruch), to occur (geschehen), to carry out one’s duties (seinen Pflichten nachkommen), to be entitled to sth (das Recht auf etw haben), to be liable (haftbar sein), compensation (Entschädigung), extramarital (außerehelich), to challenge a decision (eine Entscheidung anfechten), to defend one’s position (seine Position verteidigen), to regard sth as sth (etw als etw betrachten), to insist (beharren), cardiac arrest (Herzinfakt), to uphold sth (a decision) (eine Entscheidung bestätigen.

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