How to soften your language.

Monday Mails. How to soften your language.

Learn the art of sounding more tactful & diplomatic with just 3 words: WOULD; COULD & MIGHT.

Check out the following examples of how they can change the language to sound less direct. The first sentence is the more in-your- face(direkt) sentence and the second is his more user-friendly buddy

  1. You should revise your time plan …… or You could revise your time plan ….
  2. We need more time to complete … or We might need more time to complete…
  3. I don’t agree with you on that or I wouldn’t agree with that.
  4. I want you to read the instructions … or You might want to read the instructions
  5. Connect up with me on Xing ……. or you could always* connect up with me on Xing.

The ‘you could always‘ …. Is a useful structure when you want to suggest something and offer advice to someone.

See you tomorrow for a game of Blockbusters – remember that anyone?

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