How would you like your Breggit, David?

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit. How would you like your Breggit, David?

I’m sure you are fed up to the back teeth with the word Brexit and just wish the spook would be all over and we can all get back to our lives as if nothing happened.

Unfortunately, it’s just that, which concerns people the most! Will we be able to get on with our lives as if nothing happened? For Brits certainly not, for us (in the EU) maybe not.

At the time of the referendum, everything was black and white or rather in or out but since the negotiations started the black and white has gradually changed to black, dark grey, grey, light grey and white and probably every other shade of grey (sorry couldn’t resist) in between. Now it’s all about what type of Brexit, hard, soft, scrambled, poached or fried (sunny side up for the Happy Brexiteers !!! ) – sounds a bit my choices of eggs in the morning.

I subscribe to the Channel 4 (British TV channel) YouTube channel and recently watched a fantastic short vid to help David choose his Breggit. David?!, David Cameron, he’s the one who should have egg on his face for getting us all into this mess and instead he quietly crept back into the woodwork where he came from and is probably earning very well for himself, sharing his worldly wisdoms to anyone who will pay enough to listen.

“How would you like your Breggit, David?”

“Hard, on my head, please!!!!”

“With pleasure, David”

“Would that be one or millions?”!!!!!!!!

Here’s the link to the vid: Brexit explained:

to be fed up to the back teeth with sth/sb (die Schnauze voll haben), spook (Spuk), to concern sb (jdn beunruhigen), negotiations (Verhandlungen), to resist (wiederstehen), scrambled eggs (Rührerei), poached eggs (verlorene Eier) or fried (Spiegelei), fried sunny-side up (Setzei), to subscribe to sth ( etw abonnieren), to have egg on one’s face (dumm dastehen), mess (Chaos), to creep (sich einschleichen), into the woodwork (in ihren Löchern gehen), to earn (verdienen), worldly wisdoms (Lebensweisheiten)

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  1. Jenny Antworten

    Good article… I like your eloquence and wit. You should get your own newspaper column. Great style!

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