If companies were real people. Companies throw a party.

Learning by Listening (LBL). Foil, Arms and Hog video.

If companies were real people – companies throw a party. https://youtu.be/FsbLGvrjAO4

Another cracker (Knaller) from the boys! This one is also jam-packed (gerappelt voll) with vocab, grammar, and word plays! Here are some highlights to watch for in the vid. Wanna get the PDF copy with the full vocab list? Go to Free PDFs | teatime titbits

There are 3 categories of vocab on the menu today. For starters. “Words you probably know!”, main course: “Nice to know” and the pièce de résistance (Krönung), the dessert “Slang up your English, man!”


  1. Right out of the gate (vom Start weg) in the title – a second conditional to take about imaginary situations; “If companies were real people”.
  • Great string (Reihe) of question tags (GT) (Bestätigungsfrage) when Amazon (16 secs.) joined in the conversation with Air BNB and Boeing. GT are used to check information and often when you are looking for agreement.

 “(It is) Pretty tough, isn’t it?

“(It is) Just something we say, isn’t it?

“I didn’t, did I?” NB. If the 1 part is negative (didn’t) the tag part is positive (did)

  • ‘to mean to do sth’ also means ‘to intend to do sth’ “I didn’t mean to” (Das hatte Ich nicht vor!) (Air BNB says to Amazon 27 secs.)
  • to keep doing sth’ means we do something repeatedly = immer wieder tun, “I keep shutting off” (Dell says to Boeing)
  • Present perfect continuous “I’ve been trying for days ….” (Boeing says to Dell. 1.42) is also used to emphasize (betonen) the “how long” for an activity that is still happening.
  • Just wondering, if / whether …” (Irish Government says to the party-goers 2.52) is used as a polite way of asking a question or asking somebody to do something.

Word plays

  1. (41 sec) “..telling crude jokes”. (grober Scherz)

BP OIL drills for ‘crude oil’ (Rohöl) out of the earth

  • (47 sec) “ .. emissions could have come from anyone”

Previously Tesla asked VW “Did you fart (furzen) Volkswagen?” Farts come out of the back end aka arse and emissions come out of the back end of a car aka exhaust pipe (Auspuff).

  • (55 sec) “I keep shutting off”

We say a computer shuts off when you switch it off or it crashes! Keeps shutting off /dropping off (einnicken) aka falling asleep.

  • ( 2.40) “I’ve done a big spill”

BP spills the wine over Tesla. An (oil) spill (Öllache) is when oil leaks (austreten) out of a pipe or tanker.

And did you understand all the word plays?

Who was your favourite company?

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