If money were no object*.

Easter is just around the corner – any plans? Are you off on a short break, a holiday or simply chilling out at home, practising geocaching with eggs in the garden?

Now just close your eyes for a second and imagine you had more money than you could eat, you owned a private jet, complete with pilot, where would you jet off to?

Any grammar savvy bods (people) out there will recognise the so-called 2nd conditional structure. It is used to talk about something that is ‘imaginary’ or ‘unreal’ now!

A common example is ‘If I won the lottery, I would buy a Ferrari’ = you haven’t won it unfortunately, but let’s imagine you did. A quick review on how to build the sentence. Maybe try to remember it as a mathematical formula:

If + past tense form** = would + infinitive form of verb “If money were no object, I would jet off to Oz (Australia).”

So back to my QOTD, ”Where would you jet off to, if money were no object?”

**It’s got nothing to do with the past, it’s just used as a way to ‘distance’ us from ‘reality’.

If money were no object* (Wenn Geld keine Rolle spielen …….), to be off (unterwegs sein), savvy (clever), bods (people)

2 Gedanken zu „If money were no object*.

  1. Jenny Antworten

    If money (and my health) were no object, I would jet off to Vancouver, rent a car and drive down South to San Diego visiting all the breathtaking and beautiful places along the way. However, I’d be also happy with visiting my beloved Hamburg or even the Old Town of my city… The last time I walked along the Neckar was in 2015. So: If money were no object, I would be grateful for enjoying some ice cream sitting on a bench at the Neckarwiese while watching the early evening bustle. 🙂 Cheap thrills…

    • Dave Preston Autor des BeitragsAntworten

      Yep, that seems like a fantastic plan to drive from Vancouver to San Diego and I hope that you’ll be able to experience it in the nearer future – money!!!! (not health) being no object.

      Having an ice cream, sitting on a bench on the Neckarweise may seem a lot less exciting but it’s sometimes the simple and inexpensive things that can be as uplifting and bring even more happiness than forking out all that money to travel half way across the world.

      Whatever you are able to do this Easter, Jenny, I hope it will fill you with happiness. Take care and Happy Easter. Dave

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