Back in the day, learning German in Sheffield, UK, it was nigh on impossible to ‘immerse yourself’ in any language except some strange form of English aka Sheffieldish (an offshoot of Yorkshire English).

The only way I could immerse myself in German was to spend time in the country – an expensive undertaking, my parents will surely agree. Today, you don’t have to go anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!! You only have to look to the end of your hand for your ‘immersion tool’ – your smart phone.

Listen, read, speak, learn vocab(ulary) and even write in English with that thing that goes WHEREVER you go. You CAN set yourself up to ‘win’ in the game of language learning – do you want to?

All my clients, who really move on in leaps & bounds are the ones who take this advice on board and follow through with discipline. Nowadays, English really is everywhere, leverage this fact, go all out, turn off the German (you’re native speakers anyway), switch on the English and immerse yourself !!!!.

“it was nigh on” (nahezu), to immerse oneself (vertiefen), offshoot (Ableger), undertaking (Unterfangen), to set oneself up to (do sth) (sich zur Aufgabe machen), to move on in leaps & bounds (Hier: gute Fortschritte machen), to take sth. on board (sich etw annehmen), to follow through with (etw durchziehen), to leverage sth (sich etw (voll) zu Nutze machen),‘go all out’ (aufs Ganze gehen)

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