In bed with TED

As Easter weekend is have, what better than to have a lie-in (ausschlafen) and breakfast in bed with TED? Of course, I’m not suggesting an shenanigans (Spielereien) especially over Easter, but simply relax, drink your cup of tea & watch an inspiring TED talk.

As you may know, you can subscribe (abonnieren) to video channels on YouTube and also hit the little bell so you will be informed when a new video is uploaded. That’s exactly how I do it, so I am able to sift out (herausfiltern) which videos are for me.

If I were you, I would then go to the website and watch the talks there because you can activate English or German subtitles and even read the (speech) script if you would like.

I’ve chosen 4 talks (1 a day), which I found interesting over (just) the last week. So here goes with the four:

What I learned when I conquered the world’s toughest triathlon:

To learn is to be free.

The brain changing benefits of exercise.

What soccer can teach us about freedom.

I want a full report on Tuesday morning first thing on my desk about what TED was like in bed.

Have a happy Easter.

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