Informal mail turnaround.

Here’s a Whatsapp inviting a very good mate (friend) around to watch the Liverpool vs Man City at my place with some other friends.


Do you fancy coming to my place to watch the game? Steve & Rick said they’re coming. We’ll get the grub in. Can you bring the booze?



Grub (slang: food), booze (slang: beer or alcoholic drinks)

Imagine I wanted to write a Whatsapp to a new colleague, who I don’t know very well, inviting him to join us for the game. Naturally pizza & beers are on us. How should I rewrite it? To get some phrases on how to invite sb, check out this blog:

Sample answer

„Hi Mo

Some friends and I are watching the Liverpool vs Manchester City game at my place this evening, would you care to join us?

We will order pizza and have some beers – it would be on us.

Hope to see you later. Just text me if you want to come.



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