Irish anyone?

The Irish accent can be very difficult to understand at the best of times. Understanding Gaelic – the native language of Ireland, is impossible for English speakers as it bears absolutely no resemblance to English at all.

Gaelic is a Celtic language and I often wonder how they manage to make the sounds. I’m not alone! Not every Irish person can speak Gaelic and this is the theme of this week’s vid of the week. “When Irish people can’t speak Irish” by Foil, Arms and Hog. The 3 comedians from Ireland post their sketches on YouTube and are absolutely hilarious – if you understand them.

Since I subscribed to them a few weeks ago, every time I open YouTube I notice one of their sketches and there you go another 15 minutes has passed by binge watching the boys. This sketch is ideal to get to know both the Irish accent and the Gaelic language (at least I guess the ‘criminal’ is actually speaking Gaelic in the vid) – enjoy. 

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