Is this the end of our workplace as we know it?

Do you feel imprisoned in your home office or liberated by more freedom to work to your drum beat? Do you miss the social interaction with the colleagues, or are you relieved to keep them at Zoom’s (aka arm’s) length (pun intended)? Are you itching to get back to the office or more than happy to stay at home …… indefinitely or possibly even FOREVER?

This jaw-dropping proposal has been given to some members of the Twitter staff according to recent press releases? I’m sure you were as taken aback as I was, I very nearly fell off the loo, (too much information, I know) when I read the headline. Let that word ‘FOREVER’ just sink in!

What implications could this have on the way we work going forward? Will business trips, trade fairs, in-person sales pitches, face-to-face negotiations soon be a thing of the past? Will companies need massive headquarters/real estate in the future?

Fascinating questions I’m sure you’ll agree, why not post your opinion below? Remember, practice makes perfect.

P.S. I made a short video to walk you through the article including commentary on vocabulary, grammar aspects, and interesting quotes as food for thought. If you don’t have time to watch the vid, simply download the PDF version instead:

To be imprisoned (gefangen sein), to feel liberated (sich befreit fühlen), interaction (Umgang), to be relieved (erleichtet sein), pun intended (Wortspiel beabsichtigt), to keep sb at (arm’s) length (sich jdn vom Leibe halten), to be itching to do sth  (jdm juckt es in den Fingern, etw zu tun), indefinitely (auf unbestimmte Zeit), jaw-dropping (umwerfend), proposal (Vorschlag), according to (laut), press release (Pressemeldung), to be taken aback (verblüfft sein), loo, (Toilette), to sink in (eingehen), implications (Auswirkungen), trade fairs (Messen), sales pitches (Verkaufspräsentationen), negotiations (Verhandlungen), to be a thing of the past (der Vergangenheit angehören), huge (rießig), (commercial) real estate (Geschäftsimmobilie), quote (Zitat)

Grammarly checked.

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