Language of love, couples & marriage.

Language of love, couples & marriage.

With Prince Harry and Meghan taking the plunge (es wagen) and get married on Saturday, I thought this would be an ideal time for a timeline to tying the knot (sich das Ja-Wort geben).

It all starts when the man – usually – proposes to his sweetheart (einen Antrag machen) or as we say “he pops the question”. They are then engaged to each other (mit jdm verlobt sein) and known as the fiancé (Verlobter) / fiancée (Verlobte).

Some days before the big day the groom (Bräutigam) celebrates his last few days of “freedom” with his best man (Trautzeuge) & mates (Kumpels) at a stag night (Junggesellenabschied) and the bride (Braut) at a hen night (Junggesellinnenabschied).

On the big day itself, at the registry office (Standesamt) and or church, you exchange (marriage) vows (sich das Jawort geben) and the registrar (Standesbeamter) / priest pronounces (verkünden) you husband & wife.

Happily married, the newly weds celebrate with family & friends at the reception (Hochzeitsparty) and then start their new life together with their honeymoon (Flitterwoche). have a short article entitled “A non-brit’s guide to Meghan and Harry’s wedding”. Need I say more?

I wonder if Prince Harry also had a stag night / hen night?

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