‘Language of negotiations – Quick Vid’

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit. ‘Language of negotiations – Quick Vid’

This week is all about vids from the Teatime Titbit archive, remember the ‘Language of negotiations – Quick Vid’ posted in 2016? Here we go:

Train your negotiating game – try watching this 4 minute video simulating price negotiations. Here are my top 15 items of vocab to help you along with the vid. BTW start at 34 secs to save yourself from the shitty opening music & pics:


to conduct this negotiation = Verhandlung durchführen

to have the authority to = (alle) Vollmachten haben, etw zu tun

to outline = etw zusammenfassen

discount = Preisnachlass

to resolve a problem = Problem lösen

fair enough = schön und gut

delivery = Lieferung

to turn sth down = etw abweisen

terms = Bedingungen

commit to = sich zu etw binden

to consider = überlegen

wholesaler = Großhändler

mark-up = Preisaufschlag

competitive = Konkurrenzfähig

competitor = Mitbwerber


What’s more, as a learning vid, there are also some usual ‘meetings’ English:

Let’s get down to business.

Let’s talk about ….. / be clear …..

….. to be on the table (offer)

Just let me finish

Can I just come in here

Hope it was helpful.

Ein Gedanke zu „‘Language of negotiations – Quick Vid’

  1. Jenny Antworten

    Such an important topic, especially these days! Some of our so-called world leaders much rather start pissing contests and put willfully international relationships on the line instead of going back to the good old tool of negotiation. Seems like it’s easier to pass senseless laws, levy inappropriate customs duties and take up arms instead of sitting down together, talking about current issues and listening to each other during a balanced and reasonable discussion. I don’t wish to name individuals or refer to any particular side or party, like e. g. Trump, China, Assad (oooops, did it anyway – I’m so sorry 😉 ), but what’s true on a large scale applies also to our everyday life – not only in terms of business, but also in private!

    Hehe, I drawed a long bow from a negotiating prices vid to world politics. However, can’t be repeated often enough.

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