Language of sales. Meet Grant Cardone.

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: Language of sales.Meet Grant Cardone.

Meet Grant Cardone, one the well-known sales gurus from the USA. I came across him 5 years ago, watched his videos and read his books and use his language of sales to help my clients improve their sales lingo!

This video shows Grant closing on 2 phone calls straight from his script book “The closer’s survival guide” Over 100 ways to ink the deal” (affiliate link). If you want accompanying vocabulary list to the video, please download the free PDF “Live sales calls with Grant Cardone”

Teatime Titbits – Bringing you a world of business English.

to come across sb (auf jdn stoßen), lingo (language), to close (a deal) (ein Geschäft  abschließen), to ink the deal (unter Dach und Fach bringen), accompanying (begleitliste).

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