Language of ‘Thingybob’!

I’m sure you have times when you can’t think of/remember the names of something or even somebody. Here are 5 phrases to help you out and all mean ‘DINGSBUMS’:

1. Whatchamacallit = “Have you got a whatchamacallit? You know …. a hole punch?”

2. Thingummy / thingamabob / thingamajig / thingy “Can you pass me the thingummy, please?”

3. “Is thingy going to be there? You know, that new woman from the sales department?”

4. Mr/Mrs so-and-so = “Have you heard anything from Mr so-and-so yet?

5. What’s-her/his-face? * = “Are you still with what’s-her-face?”

*(slang – be careful – only out of earshot of the person

hole punch (Locher), to be with sb (in a relationship) (mit jdm zusammen sein (in Beziehung stehen)), ‘out of earshot’ (Außer Hörweite)

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2 Gedanken zu „Language of ‘Thingybob’!

  1. Jenny Antworten

    Other Dingsbums equivalents in German: Dings, Dingens, Dingenskirchen, Dingsda 😉 Cheers!

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