Line of succession

Line of succession

A few fine things have happened in the world! Liverpool made it to the Champions League final, albeit (wenn auch) with a lot of luck and a blind referee during the return leg (Rückspiel) in Rome last night.

Then there may even be a lasting peace on the Korean peninsula (Halbinsel) in the pipeline (in Vorbereitung).

Finally, the Duke (Herzog) and Duchess (Herzogin) of Cambridge had their 3rd child, Louis. BTW not the ‘Dinglish’ “got” their 3rd child.

That threw up three questions. Firstly, how many more children will come, a 5-a-side footy team perhaps? Secondly, how will it affect the line of succession (Thronfolge)? And thirdly are you guys in anyway really interested in the ups & downs or trials & tribulation of the THE ROYALS?

Obviously, only the Prince & Princess are privy to (in etw eingeweiht sein) that. Needless to say their garden is biggest enough for the team to practice on. You can only answer the third question, so feel free to leave you comment down below.

And as if by magic, this video popped up (aufgetaucht) in my YouTube feed the other day, which answers the 2nd question in theory. Here’s the line of succession. 1. Prince Charles 2.Prince William 3.Prince George 4. Princess Charlotte and then Prince Louis pushing Prince Harry 1 down the line to 6th, it goes on but who care’s from now on?!

However, what will happen in reality is anyone’s guess, especially as Charles &, in particular, Camilla are considered ‘unsuitable/desirable’ in some quarters (in mancherkreisen). My hunch (Ahnung) is that the Queen will hang on in there (hier: weitermachen) as long as she can and pass the baton on to (die Pflicht übergeben) William.

Who knows, maybe the Queen will even have another surprise up her sleeve and throw us a curveball (To introduce a problem piece of information that shocks, bewilders, or confounds one or makes it more difficult for one to succeed (thanx ) by passing it onto Prince George. Could she really and more importantly would she really?

Now it’s your turn?


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