Listen & Learn English with the boys from Germany vs. USA.

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: Vid of the week. Listen & Learn English with the boys from Germany vs. USA.

Alex (a German guy) and Jim (an American) talk about various aspects of life in Germany and the USA in an entertaining way from ‘work’ to ‘working out’.

In the episode ‘Awesome German Products’
they talk about German products that Jim likes to take back to the USA from Germany.

What kind of products do you think he will mention? Watch the 10 minute film, you’ll be in for a few surprises.

Here are my top 5 item of vocab. for you to help understanding:

1. to hold off (doing sth) = Mit etw warten
2. treat = Leckerbissen
3. to grab sth = etw zugreifen
4. to stumble upon sth = Zufällig auf etw stoßen
5. pick-me-up = Stärkungsmittel

QOTD 1. Imagine you lived abroad (im Ausland), which German products would you miss most & want to take with you?

QOTD 2. Did you enjoy this method of learning?

5 Gedanken zu „Listen & Learn English with the boys from Germany vs. USA.

  1. Jenny Antworten

    Cool vid, thanks for sharing. Entertaining way to improve one’s skills. I like that there are no distracting subtitles.

    Hm, what I’d miss?

    1. German bread in all its variety and all the other delicious masterpieces of our bakers (as well as my mother’s cakes! Yet alone her famous red wine cake… yummy… tastes like heaven!!!). Some other countries do have some good baked products (ciabatta, baguette, pastries, cakes etc) as well but nothing comes close to our bread. This applies for our dairy products, too. You’ll never find such a wide range anywhere else. Same here: of course, other nations have something great to offer (e.g. Italian or French cheese) but not in our amount.

    2. Chocolate! Ok, in Switzerland I wouldn’t be in need of a care package but in all the other countries chocolate from back home is a must to help me survive.

    3. Mustard – I agree with Jim.

    4. German supermarkets, weekly markets, and farm shops with their large variety of quality and organic products. Meanwhile many German products found their way abroad but quite often the taste of this goods is adapted to the particular countries‘ preferences. Thus, same name, different taste. And quite often you only get a highly sweetened and/or fatty imitation. Just think about muesli… or Nutella…

    5. and then there are so many other things I like to eat occasionally (some even just once a year) like Spätzle, Brezenknödel, Spekulatius, Lebkuchen, sauerkraut, German potato soup, onion tart, and many many more of which you can get – if at all – only disappointing copies.

    And because my point 3 wasn’t new, please allow me a number 6: German tap water!!! Unchlorinated, tasty, best quality. I don’t have to add anything else, do I?! Speaks for itself.

  2. Jenny Antworten

    BTW: Which top 5 products would you miss, Dave, both from England and – as being meanwhile an official German citizen as well – from Germany?

    For England let me guess: Hobnobs and Guinness will be on your list, won’t they?

  3. Dave Preston Autor des BeitragsAntworten

    From England, as you quite rightly predicted (are you telepathic?) Hobnobs & Guinness as well as a plate of fish & Chips and a decent Chicken Tikka Masala and nan bread. My mouth waters, just thinking about it.

    • Jenny Antworten

      Nan bread!!! I love it!!!! And yes, packing a good German coffee in your luggage is a good idea in case there’s no Italian espresso available. Quite often you only get Plörre (nothing describes it better than this wonderful German expression) abroad. However, I prefer tea – that’s why coffee didn’t show up on my list. Would have been point 8 or 9 but only 5 were allowed. 😉

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