Literally speak like a native!!!

Accents (and dialects) range from the cool to the pain in the ears (not neck or arse), and the UK and Ireland we have more than our fair share of the latter. I think, it’s better I keep as mute as a maggot about that.

In a fantastic vid, Gill from engvid takes individual accents apart, showing and explaining what makes them stand out so you can better indentify, understand and maybe copy if you so choose.

Enjoy the vid:

 Well done, Gill.

Literally (buchstäblich), to range from …to (reichen von etw bis etw), pain in the neck (Nervesäge), to have more than one’s fair share of sth (mehr von etw haben als einem zusteht), the latter (das letztere), as mute as a maggot (stumm wie ein Fisch), to stand out from sth (sich abheben gegen)

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