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On the penultimate day, I give you ….. (drum roll) ….. a mixed bag! A mixed what??? A mixed selection of channels, which I didn’t have room to bag anywhere else. So here goes, back to English with Germany vs. USA and Anglophenia. I’ve introduced both of these channels in past posts, but I thought a quick reminder would be good. If you want to train up your American English, then go to the boys Alex (the German) and Jim (the American). They compare Germany and the USA (hence the name) in a whole host of topics from the more serious topic ‘education’ to the less serious ‘awesome German products’. (click link)

If you want to see an American be teased (by a Brit) because he can’t pronounce British place names, then watch this episode (click link) from Anglophenia – fun stuff. She does other videos on the topic of Britain, British & the culture. Bonus channel today is the channel from the language school Englisch nach Maß GmbH based in Troisdorf, and run by a friend of mine. Please watch & subscribe and spread the word. Thanx.

Speaking of British place names, remember WatchMojo from Tuesday 14. January, they also do travel videos and I’ve chosen three to help you prepare for your next visit to London.

Top 10 must-see attractions in London click link

The coolest London boutique hotels click link

Top 10 iconic dishes in London click link

Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey are two celebrity chefs from the UK and both have their own cooking channels. Gordon Ramsey also made other TV programmes like Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. I always enjoy watching their videos and dreaming of making the dish just as they do – then I wake up and remember I’m merely the happy eater and can’t cook to save my life!! Pro Home Cooks aka ‘Brothers Green Eats’ are two Americans, who make cooking more of an experience – check them out and learn your way to make an Indian meal.

Sports is a general interest and a popular topic with 10,000s of video channels on YouTube talking about every sport possible. If you want to find out more about different types of sports around the world, I can highly recommend the channel Ninh Ly. In this video he looks at how to play the rough-and-tumble Australian game of Aussie Rules football. In the Free PDF section, I have a list of typical Anglo-Saxon sports called ‘sports around the world videos’(click link) with a links to YouTube videos, which explain how to play these sports.

Roll on tomorrow, the last day of the 10 day YouTube challenge, and will tell you about my TOP 5 channels I’m always watching and what you could get from them even if you AREN’T even interested in the topic! See you tomorrow.

penultimate (vorletzter), reminder (Erinnerung), to compare (vergleichen), hence the name (daher der Name), a whole host of (viele), to tease sb (jdn necken), to pronounce (aussprechen), to subscribe (abonnieren), to spread the word (weitersagen), celebrity (promi), to highly recommend (sehr zu empfehlen), rough-and- tumble (wild), roll on (tomorrow) (you say ‘roll on’ when you want time to go quickly because you are looking forward to sth = Morgen kann kommen!!*)

*Help! Is that a good translation?

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