Monday Mail – Autoresponder

Easter hols mean mails fall on deaf ears (auf taube Ohren stoßen) or should I say the good old autoresponder. These messages have been translated directly or DIYed (do it yourself) and contain the odd ‚Dinglisch‘ or two.

It doesn’t have to be like that. Just a quick Google search, throws up some copy & paste ideas of generic texts. Check out the following website:

If, on the other hand, you would like to put a smile on customer‘s face in the hope they’ll ‘forgive‘ you for having the gall (die Frechheit haben, etw zu tun) to take leave (Urlaub nehmen) when THEY want you to deal with their ‘issue‘, then why not copy & paste my tongue-in-cheak (witzlend) little autoresponder creation?

“Thanx a million for your mail. At the moment I’m on a beach in (add place) / I’m off adventuring (add place) or the world / I’m taking a well-deserved (wohlverdiente) break / I’m chilling out on the couch until (add day of return + 2 days to catch up on all the other work that has piled up (aufstapeln)).

As you’ve guessed your mail won’t get read until I’m back. If it really can’t wait until then, I blackmailed (jdn erpressen) my dear colleague (add name & contact details) to take care of any urgent matters (dringende Angelegenheit).

Thanx you for your understanding and greetings from (add place)

Yours ….. (add name)“

QOTD: Did it bring a smile to your face?

Have a great start to the week. Dave.

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