Monday Motivation

After a long Whitsun weekend, I guess the Monday motivation is needed more than ever. Well, have I got a treat here for you!

‘Can’t hurt me’ by David Goggins is one badass book, which will shock, astound and inspire you to take life to the next level. This isn’t written by some life coach, instead by a hard as nails, former Navy Seal (US special forces), ultra athlete, whose middle names are ’pain’ and ‘duty’. Be ready for countless pain enduring, duty driven stories with zillions of f-bombs and other curse words.

The perfect early morning read or listen on the elliptical trainer to jack you up and give you the edge. Get Goggins, get motivated!

Whitsun (Pfingsten), treat (Leckerbissen), badass (krass), to astound sb (jdn erstaunen), hard as nails (stahlhart), former (Ex – ), ‘duty’ (Pflicht), countless (unzählig), pain enduring (Schmerz-ertragend), zillion (zigtausend), f-bomb (F-Wort), curse word (Schimpwort), elliptical trainer (CrossTrainer), to jack sb up (jdn motivieren), to give sb the edge (hier: den Vorteil/Vorsprung geben).

2 Gedanken zu „Monday Motivation

  1. Jenny Antworten

    Rather a Tuesday Motivation although it feels like Monday morning… 😉 but hey, the good news is that there are only four more days to go until the next weekend is ahead. Cheers!

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