Mrs Dismay

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: Mrs Dismay


Trump in the US, Macron in France,

But Mrs May, once again, in the UK?

Or will Corbyn be the one to dance,

And Mrs May will be known as Mrs Dismay.


It seemed you had it in the bag,

when you called your snap election,

that decision I’m sure will forever nag,

was there really enough reflection?


The aim was to make your position even stronger,

BUT the campaign went down like a lead balloon,

The so-called ‘Dementia Tax‘ was a complete disaster,

You’ll be lucky, if you can stay in No.10 anytime soon.


So what next for my dear Blighty?

A Brexit negotiated by Mr Corbyn?

From once Empire and Mighty,

to the EU’s f**kin‘ dustbin.


Many Thanx Mrs Dismay!!!!!!



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