My baby is born.

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: My Baby is born

My baby was born yesterday at 3.49 pm and her name is ‘Workplace English Toolkit’ or WET for short. She weighs in at approximately 150 pages with

  • 70 + original ’speak/write like a native‘, grammar & internet resource posts.
  • A 30 page ’copy and paste‘ Cheat Sheets Section
  • A 10 page ’copy and paste‘ Vocabulary List
  • A 10 page ’copy and paste‘ Mini Mail Dictionary (Ger-Eng)
  • I’m very happy and proud that she’ll help you
  • save time & money
  • avoid mistakes & (cultural) misunderstandings
  • learn & improve as you goPlease, don’t bring any presents, she only wants your cash. Thank you. Better still, why not send your head of HR/boss along instead?
  • You can visit her anytime at

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