Nobody is perfect

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: Vid of the week. Nobody is perfect.

Check out the video of the week by ‘Langfocus’, “10 common mistakes that Native English speakers make.” See

BTW Langfocus is one of the best language vlogs on YouTube, when it comes to talking about language learning on a more serious level and studying the ins and outs of different languages from Arabic to Spanish.

Can you already guess which mistakes might come up? Enjoy.

The ins and outs of sth (alle Einzelheiten)

3 Gedanken zu „Nobody is perfect

  1. Jenny Antworten

    Langfocus‘ videos are great. Good edutainment. I also like the one you recommended today.

    The „subjunctive mood“ is new for me. I’ve already heard the expression „If I were…“ in several songs but I’ve considered it as lyrical style element. Now I know that it’s more than artistic license. Maybe you can tell us a little more about that in a future post? That’d be great.

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