Ode to retirement.

Fun on Friday – a little rhyme to end the week.

The time is nigh,

for you to retire.

O didn’t it all just fly by?

A working life entire.


The time is here,

for you to hang up your boots.

Drink lots of beer,

and spend the hard-earned loot.


The time is welcome,

for you to wind down.

But your time has also come,

to let your hair down and paint the town.


The time is right,

for you to start living the rest.

Don’t let it disappear out of your sight,

and, WE, wish you all the best.

Ode (Gedict), retirement (Ruhestand), nigh (nah), to retire (in Rente gehen), to fly by (verfliegen), entire (ganz), to hang up one’s boots (die Schuhe an die Nagelhängen), to spend money (Geld ausgeben), hard-earned (money) (mühsam verdientes Geld), loot (Knete), to wind down (hier: entspannen), to let one’s hair down (sich gehen lassen), to paint the town (red) (die Stadt unsicher machen), to disappear out of one’s sight (aus dem Blickfeld verschwinden)

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