‘Oh my giddy aunt!’*

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: ‘Oh my giddy aunt!’* Match report a la Teatime Titbits.

*bet you don’t know this one. It also means OMG (Oh My God) or the more naughty (but nice) WTF (What The F**k).

It’s not often that we England fans have much to cheer about (jubeln), but maybe our fortunes (Glück) are changing with the Young Ones & Captain Kane in charge of (hier: Chef sein bzw. verantwortlich sein) the lads (Jungs) on the pitch (Platz).

Some, who obviously want to pee on my parade (jdm die Stimmung verderben), will say “Let’s not get carried away now (Die Kirche im Dorf lassen), just wait till you have to play against the big boys!!” I retort (kontern) “I’m trying my best NOT to get carried away because it normally ends up in hurt (lyrics (Liedtext) from the song ‘Football is coming home’ – “30 years of hurt”) but it’s very difficult not to hope or even dream especially when the media machine is going at full throttle (mit Vollgas) to convince us (jdn. (von etw. überzeugen), could this be the World Cup that football REALLY comes home?

To the game itself – WOW!!!! BUT it was very disappointing (Enttauschend) that they didn’t go full whack (volle Pulle) in the second half and try to break some records – I’m sure an 8 or 9 was in the game but instead Gareth (Southgate) – we’re on first name terms (auf Du und Du mit jdm stehen) took Captain Kane off probably to rest him – for f**k sake (um Himmels Willen) he’s only and they started passing backwards again with very little movement off the ball to conserve energy??!!! – hogwash (Unsinn) – they don’t play again until Thursday against the boys from Belgium. One of the bigger boys!!!



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