Ooooh I love a bit of it

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Dunno about you but I love a bit of geography, so much so that I can (and do) happily sit and look at maps for days on end (tagelang). So you can imagine my excitement (I’m sure) when I spotted this YouTube channel – Geography Now.

They introduce us to countries in a very entertaining and informative way and by way of an example, here is the link to the vid entitled ‘All 50 U.S. summarized’ about the different states in the US. I definitely picked up a couple of new tidbits (there’s that word again, written with US spelling to keep with the theme) there.



P.S. Can you imagine my excitement when the Google maps came out!!!!!?

P.S.S. Have a great long weekend.

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  1. Jenny Antworten

    Oh, I share this passion. I even considered reading geography at university (back then I was torn between astrophysics, aerospace engineering, bionics, and geography – and finally ended up as engineer in the pharmacy industry due to one specific, stubborn family member………….. that didn‘t allow me to apply for a university farther away, but that‘s another story). Even though I haven‘t turned my passion into a career I‘m always up for topics from plate tectonics to economical geography.

    In case you also like having an analogue look at maps, I can highly recommend Katapult‘s book „55 kuriose Grenzen und 5 bescheuerte Nachbarn“ ( Moreover, on their homepage ( you can find a load of oddities, interesting maps, and statistical data – always worth a visit and perfect smart ass/WWTBAM knowledge. 😉

    Speaking of „worth a visit“ and your YouTube recommendation: Arizona – check, California – check (I‘d love to go back for another Pacific Coast Highway road trip), Nevada – check, whereas Massachusetts, Oregon, and Washington are still on my list.

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