Phrases to give your presentation a backbone.

Presenting in any language can be very stressful and a nerve-racking experience. That’s why I put together this little list of useful ‘presentation phrases’ to give you a helping hand.

Introducing the topic:

“I’m going to talk about ….”

“I’ve divided into/split my presentation up into 5 parts …”

“First & foremost, I’d like to give you an overview into ….”

“Secondly, I’ll investigate / look into …..”

“Next, we’ll concentrate / focus on”

“After that, I’m going to consider / deal with ……”

“Finally, I’ll draw / present my own conclusions”

“There is a handout (in front of you) on.”

Dealing with questions:

“If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them in the Q&A (questions & answers) section.”

“If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. ”

Introducing each section:

“So let’s start with / jump into..”

“Moving onto ….”

“I’d like to draw your attention to….”

“This leads me to ….

Referring backwards and forwards:

“I mentioned earlier about …”

“I’ll say more/come back to this point later.”


“That concludes my talk.”

“That brings me to the end of my presentation.”

“If you have any questions, I’ll do my best to answer them now.”

“Thank you for your attention.”

Hope they will help you get started, at least. However, they are very common presentation phrases and in today’s TED talk culture, you will want to make it more unique, maybe add a more personal touch and, of course, be more convincing so it stands out from the rest.

If you need any help from writing and proofreading to video practice via skype, just send me a mail to dave@ or give me a tinkle on (0163) 7960060.

nerve-racking (nervenaufreibend), to give you a helping hand (jdm behilflich sein), to divide into / to split … up into (aufgliedern in), first & foremost (zuallererst), to investigate sth / to look into sth (untersuchen), to consider sth (etw bedenken/erwägen), to deal with sth (sich mit etw befassen), to draw / present my own conclusions (seine Schlüsse ziehen), to draw your attention to (Ihre Aufmerksamkeit auf etw lenken), “This leads me to ..” (das bringt mich ..), to refer (beziehen), to mention sth (erwähnen), to conclude (zum Schluss kommen), however (allerdings), to add a personal touch (etw eine persönliche Note verleihen), to be convincing (überzeugend wirken), to stand out from the rest (sich abheben gegen etw), to proofread (Korrektur lesen), to give sb a tinkle (jdn anrufen)

2 Gedanken zu „Phrases to give your presentation a backbone.

  1. Jenny Antworten

    Framework’s ready, bring on the next challenge! Your phrases are helpful for all kind of presentations – not only in terms of business but also for private occasions such as weddings, birthdays or sports clubs.

    BTW: have you ever heard of PowerPoint Karaoke? That’s an improv game where a person presents a PowerPoint presentation to an audience without knowing the contents of the slides. It’s so much fun and besides it tests your skills, is a good exercise for serious presentations and is great for people that don’t like singing in front of others. 😉 PowerPoint Karaoke parties can be found in almost every city (this game is a bit like the younger brother of poetry slam). They get people laughing and keep everyone wondering what will happen next. Absolutely entertaining!

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