Phrases to give your presentation a strong backbone.

Presenting in any language can be a very stressful and nerve-racking experience. That’s why I put together this little list of useful ‘presentation phrases’ to give you a helping hand.

There are 11 main groups of typical presentation phrases to start, link, discuss and finish the parts of your presentation. They provide you with the perfect backbone; all you have to do is add some ‘body’ to it.

Get the above “Phrases to give your presentation a strong backbone” as a free PDF –

Click here to download your copy and the accompanying (Eng-German) vocabulary sheet

You can now watch my short presentation of the phrases by clicking on this YouTube link .Would be cool if you could share this video with anyone who needs it. Thanx.

Have a great weekend.

backbone (hier: Grundgerüst), nerve-racking (nervenaufreibend), to give you a helping hand (jdm behilflich sein), body (hier: Inhalt)

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