Pipe dream

Wonderful Wednesday Words. Pipe dream. “I’m going to* make 2020 my health year !!” I know what you are saying, “yeah, yeah, Haven’t we heard that before! What a pipe dream”. (a hope or plan that is impossible to achieve or not practical) By the middle of January, it’ll be back to normal waiting for 2021 to come around so he can exclaim “2021is MY health year”.

This time I’m already trying to get myself into a routine and create a habit so that by 1 January the habit is pretty much ‘formed’ depending on how long you believe it takes to form a habit. This time, it’s a doable dream.

Another dream is that Teatime Titbits becomes a daily read for hundreds, no thousands, oh what the hell, hundreds of thousands who enjoy and get value from my work! Pipe dream?! Could be, may be, but doesn’t have to be & I work tirelessly every day so that it won’t be.

As Titbitonians yourself, don’t keep Teatime Titbits your little secret!

PLEASE Copy the blog post links and send them to anyone you think needs them.

PLEASE Talk about Teatime Titbits in your social media.

PLEASE Pass on any free PDFs / book PDFs you have.

PLEASE Tell anyone who will listen about the benefits of a daily Teatime Titbits read!

Help me some day reach this magnificent dream. Today, there are around 90 daily readers (thank you!), end of 2020 I would like to be serving 500 daily, 2030 what about 5,000, or even 50,000, WOW!

*use ‘be going to’ for plans. To exclaim (ausrufen), habit (Gewohnheit), tirelessly (unermüdlich), benefits (Vorteile), magnificent (großartig)

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