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New Year’s Resolution? This year I’m gonna 10 X my English vocab !! Hell yes do it! And here’s the tool to keep this resolution, even if all the others fall by the wayside. www.quizlet.com makes learning easy and fun. Set up a free account and get typing away. Better still, copy and paste a list of vocabulary from a Word or Excel document into Quizlet and let it do all the hard work*. Why not try it out with the vocabulary from this post below?

*However, there is something to be said for typing in by yourself as you MAKE yourself deal with new vocabulary.

Here’s the super simple 6 step process to copy & paste the vocabulary list below:

  1. Click on ‘Create set’ (Lernset erstellen) and give your new set a title.
  2. Copy ALL the vocab below and paste them into the box:
  3. Press the ‘tab’ key after ‘to set up an account to separate the ‘word’ from definition ‘ein Konto erstellen’
  4. Press the ‘enter’ key in front of ‘to copy and paste’ to start new line.
  5. Repeat until you complete the list (feel free to delete any vocabulary you know)
  6. Press ‘import’ and then press ‘create’**

**it will probably instruct you to set the ‘definition language’ –German before it will create the set.

Your list is ready to learn! Quizlet will now take you to the flash cards to ‘learn’. Why not watch the process on my video “How to create a new learning set from a Word doc. or Excel list in Quizlet”? https://youtu.be/IcExJFt9n2Q

Find out how you can use Quizlet to learn vocabulary by watching this next video, www.youtu.be/V8dKj96otPA. Trust me; once you’ve got it up and running, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. My son Matthew (9) and I are hooked on it too.

Did you know there is also a Quizlet app for mobiles so you can learn anytime, anywhere?

Happy Quizletting!

New Year’s Resolution (Neues Jahr Vorsatz), to 10X sth (A measurement with which to plan or set goals and also the amount of action necessary to accomplish any worthy goal e.g. She wanted to 10X her followers. His income went up 10X*), to keep a resolution (Vorsatz einhalten), to fall by the wayside (auf der Strecke bleiben), to set up an account (ein Konto erstellen), copy and paste (kopieren und einfügen), however (allerdings), “there is something to be said for + verb-ing (Das hat etwas für sich), to create (a vocabulary) set (Lernset erstellen), ‘tab’ key (Tabulatortaste ), ‘enter’ key (Eingabetaste), to feel free to do sth (nicht zögern, etw zu tun), to delete sth (etw löschen), to instruct sb (to do sth) (jdn anweisen, etw zu tun), to get sth up and running (etw zum Laufen haben), to be hooked on sth (total begeistert sein),

*Thanx Urban Dictionary. Definition 2. Urban Dictionary: 10x

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