R U superstitious?

Friday 13 is the biggy, the one everyone knows and can maybe tell you a story of bad luck on that day. Was it just a day like any other, in which you experienced bad luck or did you attract it because you fear Friday 13? Is Friday 13 really a jinxed day or is it humbug? What do you think?

How many superstitions can you think of? A couple, a few, a tonne – bet you can’t beat 55? Yep in my research I noticed this article in the Good Housekeeping Magazine “55 weird superstitions around the world”.

Don’t have the time or patience to wade through 55, how’s about a vid instead? Thoughty2 produced a “strange superstitions from around the world” vid

Wish you a wonderful Friday 13 whether you are or aren’t superstitious.

To be superstitious (abergläubig sein), bad luck (Pech), to attract (anziehen), jinxed (verhext), humbug (dummes Zeug), patience (Geduld), to wade through a text (sich durch einen Text arbeiten)

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