Randomsome 3.

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: Randomsome 3.

As part of the Randomsome week, here is no.3 and some phrases I thought you may find interesting to add to your arsenal:

  1. to teach sb the in & outs of sth e.g. “In the settling-in period we have to teach the new apprentices the in & outs of the job”
  2. A blessing in disguise. “His redundancy was a blessing in disguise.“
  3. fully-fleged e.g. “He passed the final exam and became a fully-fleged doctor.“
  4. lull e.g. “There’s been a marked lull in the fighting since the ceasefire“.
  5. To go along with sth. “(I’m afraid)* I couldn’t go along with that. Brexit can’t be a good thing for anyone. Neither for the Brits, nor the EU citizens.”

*Very commonly used to soften the blow (abmildern) of saying NO.

Settling-in period (Einarbeitungszeit), apprentice (Lehrling), to teach sb the in & outs of sth (jdm zeigen, wo es lang geht), redundancy (betriebsbedingte Kündigung), “…. was a blessing in disguise“ (Es war schließlich doch ein Segen), fully-fledged (vollqualifiziert), marked (hier: deutlich), lull (Flaute/Ruhepause), ceasefire (Waffenruhe), “I couldn’t go along with that” (Ich kann dem nicht zustimmen), Neither …. nor (weder … noch)

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