Randomsome week!

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: Randomsome week!

No sooner were the summer hols over and the kids back to school, the Autumn break holidays are upon us and parents are again thrown into the quagmire – what to do? Bite the bullet and folk out millions for a holiday, enrol the sprogs to some kind of ‘holiday camp’ or park them with friends or relatives to bridge the holiday gap.

I plumped for the take some days off and the cheapskate stay-at-home variant, do stuff with the kiddiewinks with the day trip or two to some places thrown in for good measure. I also decided to go offline for a couple of weeks and take a break from blogging to recharge the blogger batteries.

BUUUT, would I really leave you without your daily dose of Teatime Titbits – of course not. That’s the beauty of a WordPress website, you can save your posts in advance and schedule them for a set date & time. I thought I could raid my digital archive for the next 2 weeks, starting with some of the old ‘Randomsome’ posts and the week after 5 of my favourite video linked blog posts.

So before I dive into the first Randomsome post, here’s a reminder of what exactly a Randomsome post is. ‘Randomsome’ is a word I created just for this type of post. So often I notice words, phrases, idioms, and think, erm great for my Teatime Titbits, but where to put them? So my ‘randomsome’ posts are just that – “some randomly chosen stuff”, which I thought might tickle your fancy.

Randomsome 1. My first 5 randomsomes in bold type:

“The managers are given plenty of leeway when it comes to making decisions.”

“Everyone gets a disgruntled customer form time to time.”

“Sorry, for the interruption. Now, where was I? Now I’m afraid I’ve lost my train of thought.”

“The internet has made life for brick and mortar stores very difficult.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get to the meeting by hook or by crook”.

Hope they added 5 new randomsome Titbits to your list. Let’s see if by Friday, we can add another 20 on top. BTW, on Friday you get two for the price of one as it has at least 10 randomsomes, actually taken from a short vid.

Have a great next two weeks and see you again just before Halloween.

Quagmire (Zwickmühle), to bite the bullet (in den sauren Apfel beißen), to folk out money (blechen), to enrol (anmelden), sprogs (slang kids), relatives (Verwandte), to plump for sth (sich für etw entscheiden), cheapskate (Geizhals), kiddiewinks (colloquial kids), for good measure (obendrein),” that’s the beauty of ..” (Das ist das Schöne an etw..), reminder of (sth) (Erinnerung), randomly (zufällig), to tickle sb’s fancy (jdn reizen), leeway (Spielraum), disgruntled (verärgert/unzufrieden), to lose one’s train of thought.”(den Faden verlieren), brick and mortar store (konventionelles Geschäft),“by hook or by crook” (auf Biegen & Brechen)


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  1. Jenny Antworten

    Such a cool post loaded with lots of new and interesting words. My vocab is jumping for joy! Cheers.

    Have a pleasant timeout and enjoy a well-deserved holiday. Looking forward to what you’ve prepared for us and of course to your return.

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