Read it backwards.

I  know myself that proofreading (korrekturlesen) my own work is a very difficult thing. Hence, my posts often have typing errors or mispellings and, of course, incorrect German translations.

Yes, I would print the text out, read it aload, BUT to really weed out (ausmerzen) those silly one’s I start at the end of the text and work backwords with my pen hovering (schweben) just under the text.

The main purpose of this method is to slow your brain down. When you read normally, your brain ‘autocorrects‘ the mistakes that ARE there so you don’t actually see them, if that makes sense. This way you are working against his autocorrection mechanism.

It takes a bit of getting used (Man muss sich daran gewohnen) to but usually helps eliminating the silly stuff but to get a sense of the content/sense/structure/plot etc a ‘normal‘ read is, of course, a must.

Now as I have to post & dash off (losdüsen) (to work) I won’t be doing any of the above and just hope YOU guys will pick up on my mistakes, send me a DM or post below and forgive me my silly mistakes. My mottos are ‘if it helps, get it out‘ & ‘speed trumps‘.

Would love to get comments & feedback after you’ve tried it out.

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