Reds Rendition

Fun on Friday. It’s not every day a former student contacts me and sends me a link to a YouTube vid ……. he made himself!

I clicked on the link to hear a rendition of a Spanish song, I had heard before on the radio, but couldn’t quite put my finger on the title – let alone understand the song. Nonetheless, I respected the ‘Cojones’ (one of my few Spanish words), here meaning to have the ‘balls’ to sing in Spanish (not his native tongue) and go and upload it to YouTube on the channel Artu Ric.

A week later another mail came through, the next week later another and so on. Wanting to do my bit to make him a YouTube superstar, I challenged, well ok, offered him – if he did an English language song I could make it the vid of the week.

So here it is – Allez, Allez, Allez – the Liverpool song which I covered in a ‘Learning from lyrics’ blog post: If you want to sing along – the lyrics again.

We’ve conquered all of Europe

We’re never gonna stop

From Paris down to Turkey

We’ve won the fucking lot

Bob Paisley and Bill Shankly

The Fields of Anfield Road

We are loyal supporters

And we come from Liverpool

Allez Allez Allez Allez Allez Allez Allez Allez Allez Allez Allez Allez

So even if you don’t like this football song rendition maybe you can go over to his channel, like, subscribe and train your Spanish to boot.

Have a great weekend

Rendition (Interpretation), let alone (ganz zu schweigen von), nonetheless (Nichtsdestotrotz), to have the balls (den Mut haben), to challenge sb to do sth (jdn herausfordern), to boot (obendrein)

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