Reminding & confirmimg.

Monday Mail Mastery – Reminding & confirmimg.

A wonderful weekend with such warm weather makes the as-long-as-your-arm-to–do- list for work seem many millions of miles away.

This morning the realisation that the work wizard hasn’t magiced your list away (wegzaubern) hits you like a sledgehammer (Vorschlaghammer)

To make matters worse another 50 mails came in over the weekend (do people have nothing better to do!!!!) – many, the good old reminder (Erinnerungsschreiben) type, “Dave don’t forget this or Dave, do that by …. or simply Reminder: Dave get that report to me on Monday morning first thing or else.“

Naturally, you would like to tell them to go jump in a lake (Hau ab!) but on second thought (bei nochmaliger Überlegung) maybe a more polite confirmation mail is a better plan to calm to the stormy Monday morning waters.

Here are a couple of phrases to get you started – as usual not really rocket science, just copy and paste!


I just want to confirm that …….. (I will attend the meeting if nothing comes up (dazwischenkommen))

OK /Thanks, I’ll be sure to ……….. (get the report to you by COB = Close OF Business)

Thank you for the reminder.

No, I haven’t forgotten. I’ll …….. (get to work on to it (sich etw vornehmen) right away.)


If , on the other hand, you are the one, who has to do the reminding, here are a few for you!


I just want to remind you of ……….. (our appointment at 3pm with Mick)

Please don’t forget to ………… (follow PC Coaching up (nachfassen) asap.)

Just a (quick) reminder ………… (to get the Q1 figures to me asap, thanx.)

Did you remember to ……… (invoice Dave because I haven’t received any payment as yet?)

Whatever mails you have to write I wish you all the success. And chin up (Kopf hoch). If you played your cards right (seine Trümpfe richtig ausspielen), next weekend is probably a long one.

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