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A dear colleague of mine is retiring in a couple of weeks and so I thought I’d write him a few words to send him on his way. I then thought – what the hell, put it in as a blog post as well. Firstly, I hope you get the odd Titbit or two and if you ever need a retirement verse, you can nick mine, use it lock, stock & barrel or adjust it to suit.

The time is nigh,

for you to retire.

O didn’t it all just fly by?

A working life entire.

The time is here,

for you to hang up your boots.

Drink lots of beer,

and spend the hard-earned loot.

The time is welcome,

for you to wind down.

But your time has also come,

to really paint the town.

The time is right,

to really live the rest.

Let your belt get tight,

And, WE, wish you all the best.

To retire (in Rente gehen), to nick sth (klauen), lock, stock & barrel (ganz und gar), nigh (nah), to hang up one’s boots (die Schuhe an den Nagel hängen), loot (Knete), to wind down (entspannen), to paint the town (red) (die Sau rauslassen)

4 thoughts on “Retirement.

An outstanding poem for this special occasion. I’m sure your colleague will appreciate your verses a lot. Taking the time for someone and doing something creative is the best one can do – there’s a big difference between price and value. Well done!

What about performing in front of a live audience? After having read a myriad of your interesting, humorous, sarcastic, brilliant and witty texts I can imagine you very well on a poetry slam stage… btw: next one in Münster is scheduled in a few days. Think about it… you’d definitely rock the stage!

Jenny, better later than never, just had a few days off! Thanx 4 the compliment and suggestion. In the meantime wrote a couple more, any guesses what they are about? 1. Resignation of Mrs May. 2, Kloppy top of Europe, which I will post tomorrow. TC. Dave

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