Seconds out

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: Seconds out. Match report a la Teatime Titbits


Well, that was an anticlimax! (Enttäuschung) Both managers opted to (sich dafür entschieden, etw zu tun) field (auflaufen lassen) the second team and they more or less cancelled each other out (sich gegenseitig aufheben). Arguably the Belgian seconds (2nd team) were stronger and deservedly (verdient) won, but as a fan you always get that niggling feeling (quälendes Gefühl), what if?!?!

Seconds out! (Ring frei) – round two. What if the two 1st teams had played, how would the game have panned out (hier: sich entwickelt)? (3rd conditional for you eagle-eyed (scharfsichtig) grammar fans – if + past perfect, would have + past participle form (aka 3rd column in verb lists).

Playing a second team is one thing, strategising which route could be the EASIER route to a final is another? Wanted or not, England ended runner-up (zweiter) and can look forward to – for want of a better word (mangels eines besseren Wortes) – a game against Columbia on Tuesday.

Looking at the competition sofar, I really wonder (Ich frage mich) if there is an EASIER route? Of course, everyone wants to avoid the likes of Brazil and would rather (etw. vorziehen) go for the route Sweden/Switzerland but let’s just make sure our firsts can get past Columbia, first. As we say “Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched” (Man soll nicht den Tag vor dem Abend loben).

Have fun on Friday. Dave.


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