Self-development Vlogs.

Welcome back to the second half of the 10 day YouTube channel series and as it is Monday I thought I would start self-development.

Unfortunately, self-development is a very personal thing and so it depends on how or rather in which field you would like to develop yourself. Nonetheless, maybe the one or other of these vlogs resonate with you and could become your staple for self development.

If you haven’t lived under a rock for the last 10 years, then you can’t have missed TED talks. I love browsing the huge range of talks at and then choose one that takes me fancy.

Thomas Frank runs a very popular channel, which is primarily aimed at students. He focuses on the learning journey by presenting learning tips/tricks/apps/techniques etc. as well as productivity hacks. In this recommended vid he looks at ‘learning faster with the Feynman technique’. Click link. Maybe you are an app friend, try this one, ‘The 10 best productivity apps in 2019’. Click link.

Now, Vanessa Van Edwards, is a must watch when it comes to videos on human behaviour, psychology, communication, success, business and relationships as she puts it on her ‘About’ introduction on her YouTube channel. Here’s a great vid for your next presentation ‘6 public speaking apps to perfect your presentation’. Click link.

Back in the day, I opted to study French & German at university and passed over any thoughts of studying economics and a language instead. In retrospect, I wish I had done that. But hey, no use crying over spilt milk! So whenever I see a vid looking at the field of economics, I’m there. Just recently I met the vlog ‘Economics Explained’ and fell in love, could this be a new love for you? Check out ‘The economy of Germany. Is German efficiency real?’ Click link.

Then there ‘Bright Side’ for general knowledge: “Are you looking for answers to life’s questions? Whether you are into recent scientific discoveries, etc, etc, …… useful tips for self-development , psychology, relationship, gadgets etc, etc, there’s something for everyone”. They are production monsters and it’s difficult to keep track of all the videos they publish. Here’s an interesting one to get you started ’20 secrets Buckingham you probably didn’t know about Buckingham Palace’. Click link.

Finally, the last three bonus channels are all my go-to channels to get inspiration, insights and ideas for my online businesses. If you want to light your entrepreneurial fire then switch onto Pat Flynn, Gillian Perkins and Project Life Mastery.

Hope there was something there for you. Have a great start to the week.

Self-development (Selbstentfaltung), nonetheless (trotzdem), to resonate with sb (bei jdm Widerhall finden), staple (Hauptnahrung), to live under a rock (hinterem Mond leben), to browse (durchsuchen), huge range of (Riesenauwahl), to take sb’s fancy (jdn ansprechen / jdm gefallen), primarily (hauptsächlich), to be aimed at (sich an jdn/etw richten), when it comes to (was….anbelangt), back in the day (zu dieser Zeit), to opt to do sth (sich dafür entscheiden, etw zu tun), in retrospect (im Nachhinein), ‘it’s no use crying over spilt milk’ (Geschehen ist geschehen), general knowledge (Allgemeinwissen), to be into sth (sich für etw interessieren), scientific discoveries (wissenschaftliche Entdeckungen), to keep track of sth (den Überblick behalten über etw), to publish (veröffentlichen), insights (Einblicke)

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