She’s drop dead gorgeous !

I switched on the TV to catch up on the British news and there she was, the weather forecaster telling me there would be a rain belt moving in over England. My mind had already switched attention, I said to myself “She’s drop dead gorgeous (wunderschön) .”You can guess which channel I turned on to get the weather forecast from then on.

‘Gorgeous’ actually describes what she looks like or how she is, as such then describing a verb. We know that words describing verbs are called adverb s and are made up of the adjective + the ending ‘ly’.

Here’s the deal. After the following verbs be, seem, appear, look, sound, feel, smell or taste we use an adjective not an adverb. Don’t ask me why – here’s my stock answer – “It’s the way it is”.

P.S. The weather lady has since switched channels. Guess what I did?

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