Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: Wonderful Wednesday Word: Short.

The prefix ‘short’ is a clever tool for your English toolkit and here are 7 ways you could use it in your daily work:

  1. In the short term, we’ll have to tighten our belts.
  2. At this time of the year, we’re always short-staffed
  3. We’re facing funding shortfall across the board.
  4. Any shortcoming that arises, I need to know.
  5. Watch out, Dave’s a bit short-tempered this morning.
  6. Our celebrations were short-lived because Spain equalised a few minutes later.
  7. They’ve really short-changed me this month, no bonus even though I pulled in that big client.

Have a nice day and double-check that nobody short-changes you in the supermarket, the restaurant, or the pub today.

prefix (Vorsilbe), toolkit (Werkzeugskiste), In the short term (kurzfristig), to tighten one’s belt (den Gürtel enger schnallen), to be short-staffed (unterbesetzt), to face sth (etw ins Auge sehen), funding shortfall (Finanzierungsengpass), across the board (allgemein), shortcoming (Mangel / Manko), to arise (auftreten), watch out (Vorsicht / Achtung), to be short-tempered (reizbar), to be short-lived (von kurzer Dauer), to equalise (den Ausgleich markieren), to short-change sb (jdn bemogeln), to pull sth in (einholen), to double-check (etw gegenprüfen)

Ein Gedanke zu „Short.

  1. Jenny Antworten

    To cut a long story short 😉 – thank you for these useful phrases and additional words for my vocab.

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