Slang up your Friday

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: Slang up your Friday.

A bit of fun on Friday – 5 slangers (made-up word) and a vid to go. Have you ever heard of the following 5 slang words/phrases?

  1. chuck
  2. have a butcher’s
  3. flog
  4. use your loaf
  5. bung

Here’s a clue, do you know which every day verbs they are ‘more or less’ synonyms of? Think, sell, put, throw & look.

Any warmer? What about some example phrases?

  1. Chuck me the newspaper, would you?
  2. I wanna have a butcher’s at the footy pages.
  3. Hey, listen, Man Utd are apparently gonna flog Rooney to Real.
  4. No, they won’t, use your loaf, he’s their only half descent striker.
  5. Anyway, I’m off, bung the paper back in my bag when you’re done.

Give up ?! – here are the answers:

chuck – throw, flog – sell, bung – put, use your loaf – think*, have a butchers – look

*Check out a nice vid with an example of ‘use your loaf’

Have a great weekend Teatime Titbit Nation.

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