Did you do any sport or exercise at the weekend? If so, have I got news for you? Drum roll ….. exercise aids (helps) learning, especially learning vocabulary !!!!!!

There is the adage “Healthy body, healthy mind” and (intuitively) we know that exercise can do us and our mental and emotional well-being the world of good.

In the book ‘Spark! The revolutionary new science of exercise and the brain.’ ISBN 978 1 84916 157 2 (affiliate link* @ John Ratey explains the science behind how exercise can do all of the above and a lot more for us and he does so in a very engaging way. I can highly recommend the book.

Our vid of the week @ also focuses on this topic and actually refers to SPARK in the vid. I love this vlog because he goes very deeply into a topic even quoting from scientific research studies to back up what he says and drops funny clips from ‘The Simpsons’ vids to show what he is talking about!

So want to learn something new, relax after a stressful day, prepare to perform at your best for the upcoming day, pick up sports gear and to quote Nike “Just do it”. Sorry couldn’t resist.

Have a great start to the week.

exercise (Bewegung), adage (Sprichwort), well-being (Wohlbefinden), to do sb the world of good (jdm richtig guttun), engaging (Hier: fesselnd), to refer to sth (auf etw hinweisen), to quote (zitieren), scientific research studies (wissentschaftliche Forschungsarbeiten), to back up (untermauern), gear (Hier: Klamotten), to resist sth (etw wiederstehen)

*affiliate link means I get a very very small commission at no extra costs to you. If you want to buy the book, it would be great if you could do it via my affiliate link. Thanx 4 your support.

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